Headshots of five graduate students, arranged in two rows, three photos on top and two on bottom.

Meet the 2022-23 Accenture Fellows

This year's fellows will work across research areas including telemonitoring, human-computer interactions, operations research, AI-mediated socialization, and chemical transformations.

Photo: 2021-22 Accenture Fellows

Meet the 2021-22 Accenture Fellows

The 2021-22 Accenture Fellows are bolstering research and igniting ideas to help transform global business.

Photo: Industry And Technology Convergence

Industry and Technology Convergence: The Next Frontier

The secret to convergence on the larger scale is to view technology not as an end in itself, but as a set of tools that can be combined again and again in flexible ways to solve different problems.

In today’s world where change is constant, businesses must think big to thrive and survive. One interesting solution has emerged: convergence.

Convergence occurs when the products and services of two or more separate industries are viewed by consumers as complementary. Thanks to advances in technology, convergence is now primed to play a much bigger role in enabling transformational change.

For instance, United Airlines recently expanded its existing digital platform capabilities to help customers easily find a local Covid-19 testing provider, book appointments and receive confirmation whether their test results complied with their destination’s requirements directly from the United app and website. By adding in helpful healthcare services, the airline is elevating customer care and improving the overall customer experience.

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